• Nilsson Begravningsbil V90 3 dörrar - Dignitet och kvalitet

3-Door V90 Hearse

The Nilsson 3-Door Hearse is built from a Volvo V90-chassis. The vehicle meets the highest expectations of dignity and function.


Ceremonial cars must meet a set of specific requirements. They must contribute to the dignified atmosphere which is important for greiving family members and friends. The Nilsson Hearse meets these requirements with its elegant and functional design. The unique craftmanship which represents Nilsson Special Vehicles facilitates the adaptation of the cars to other countries’ requirements for Hearses and funeral ceremonies.

Quality and Precision

To ensure the highest level of precision and quality, a unique world-leading production concept has been developed. It is based on new tooling for the extension- and welding-jiggs, equal to those used in large scale production across the world. This concept, in combination with genuine craftmanship, gives Nilsson Special Vehicles the opportunity to offer its customers world-class quality vehicles.


Nilsson’s 3-Door Hearse is extnded 850mm more than the standard car. Nilsson offer a large number of options and equipment levels, which can be added in unique combinations, to ensure that the client’s needs are taken into account. To further enhance traction and driving quality, the Hearse is available with a sophisticated 4-Wheel Drive system, with the option of diesel or petrol engines (D4, T6).