About us


Nilsson Special Vehicles is a leading special vehicle company active predominantely on the European market. The company was founded in 1945 as ‘Yngve Nilssons Karosserifabrik’ and has since the very beginning built special vehicles based on Volvo cars and light trucks. Nowadays, we produce and sell Limousines, Ambulances, Hearses and other emergency vehicles. Our customers are primarily found in Europe, with the biggest demand in Scandinavia and England. Nilsson also sells cars to the Asian, African and Middle-Eastern markets.

For all self-manufactured products, there is a European Approval (CoC) which means that the product can be sold and used throughout Europe without further inspection and testing. At the moment we are extending and building our vehicles based on Volvo cars, which are sourced directly from Volvo in Sweden.


Nilsson Special Vehicles produce custom built special vehicles according to the customer’s specific requirements within the main industries of pre-hospital healthcare, funeral and limousine services. Moreover, the company offers financing solutions through external partners, facilitate service agreements with the OEM-workshops, support workshops with technical service as well as spare parts and also deals with used cars. The company intends to be able to meet the customer’s needs of alternative forms of transportation within the respective segment.



Our vision is to be able to meet each customer’s needs in terms of transport solution, i.e. a partner for long-term solutions to facilitate the customer’s car ownership.


Our goal is to become the preferred supplier for transportation within the special vehicles sector based on function, reliability and total cost of ownership. Our strategic goal is to develop and broaden the product range within existing product categories in order to expand beyond today’s main markets.


All product development is conducted by the company with the support of selected external partners. The organization works together to maintain it’s expertise in concept development, project management, production development, design, metal working, glass- and carbon- fiber reinforced composite materials, surface treatment, varnishing, rust protection, electronics development, interior design, tapestry, engines and mechanics. Other competences are added as needed.



Our production site has always been in Laholm. There is currently 74 staff members at our production site comprising of 8,500 sqaure meters production surface. Loyal and knowledgeable coworkers with special skills is the base of the high product quality. Nilsson has an intricate network of subcontractors and other external partners to be able to cope with the demand and challanges that come with sophisticated car production. There are compromises made for every vehicle regarding weight and load space, therefore we focus on finding effective and weight-efficient solutions. The products are sold through agents and distributors on the European markets, where, the company’s most important markets outside of Scandinavia are found in England and Germany. Nilsson sells directly to it’s customers in Sweden and Norway.

The company has an effecient manufacturing facility where production follows a balanced model and a clear difference is established between Ambulance production and other vehicle production. The patient compartments in Ambulances are manufactured in carbon fiber and the coffin compartments in Hearses are composed of glass fiber, which are both produced by a supplier from Skene. Several interior parts are manufactured in Gothenburg. We also have contracts with external paint shops in case it is necessary to relieve our own. Self-produced vehicles, based on Volvo’s platforms, are manufactured in Laholm. This is also the case for the assembly of first-response vehicles and other emergency vehicles: a Volvo V90 with a special utility chassis, equipped for emergency use.

Nilsson also offers box-type Ambulances that are built on Mercedes Sprinter chassis. These vehicles are assembled in Poland in our own name. Hearse transportation vehicles may also be built on Mercedes, VW or Ford chassis, which are produced in the Czech Republic.