During the company’s 70 year long history, many different types of vehicles, from several different car models, have been constructed, built and sold. Nilsson has been keeping up with the new car models that have been released on the market, and developed new products based on them. At this moment, Nilsson offers a range of self-produced products, including, Ambulances, Hearses and Limousines built on Volvo’s current models: V90, XC90 and S90.



The ambulances are predominantely sold through public procurement. Nilsson has chosen to sell vehicles directly on the domestic market as well as in Norway through their wholly owned daughter company. In both countries there are a few private Ambulance operators who mostly follow the same procedures as well. In Sweden, each individual region/county will, based upon their individual evaluation criteria, place their orders with varying contractual lengths. In every tender process, the vehicle of interest must be on site and ready for test driving and evaluation by the customer. This whole process, from invitation to bid until the contract win, takes approximately four months. The company continuously monitors available tenders and submits bids for all three vehicle categories. In Norway, the pre-hopsital healthcare organise their agreements with suppliers on a National level through a central purchasing agency (HINAS). Nilsson is qualified as one of three suppliers in the segment ‘Passenger car Ambulance’. The contractual length is two plus two years and orders can be placed during this time period by all Hospitals involved. The company is able to establish a strong estimate of coming years’ production volumes through the procurement process, this allows for effective planning. About 70% of the company’s Ambulances are sold and delivered to Sweden and the other 30% to Norway. Nilsson produce and sell approximately 90 Ambulances annually. 



Nilsson has historically sold it’s products through various countries’ National Specialist Vehicle builders. They receive semi-finished products that are, for example, extended and built but are not furnished. The individual National Specialist Vehicle builders have developed their own solutions and then sold the finished product under their own brand. Although, in recent years, a restructuring of the market has occured which means that Nilsson deliver a complete final product instead of a semi-finshed product.

Sales through retailers take place on all markets where Nilsson operates. The largest markets are the UK, Germany, Denmark. Norway and Finland. Nilsson has given contracts to National Distributors with established positions in their countries’ market, which are responsible for sales and marketing. The final customer relation is handled by the countries’ representative. Nilsson manages all sales and customer contact in Sweden and Norway with it’s own staff.

Key aspects of Nilsson that are valued by customers include high service levels, availability, rental vehicles as well as the parts exchanged of used vehicles. Of the yearly production of approximately 70 Hearses, 40% are delivered to the UK, 20% to Sweden, 10% to Denmark and 15% to Germany. The remaining 15% are sales to Finland, Holland and Norway.



Limousines are built on the Volvo S90 chassis, these cars are built for and delivered to the UK only where they are ordered together with a Hearse to form a ‘family’.