• Nilsson Ambulans XC90

Nilsson XC90 Ambulance

The Nilsson XC90 Ambulance is built from a 4-wheel driven Volvo XC90 AWD-chassis with either a diesel engine (D5, 235bhp) or petrol engine (T5, 254bhp).


Using a Volvo XC90 as a base car already sets the bar very high regarding safety, ergonomics and function. Thanks to the manufacturer’s position in ensuring both active and passive safety, Nilsson can offer a world-class Ambulance with outstanding performance in combination with the highest level of safety standards. These factors combined with Nilssons extensive knowledge about building special vehicles, results in an Ambulance of absolute top-class.

When developing the patient compartment, no compromises were made. A light and strong construction in carbon fiber provides a comfortable and safe environemnt for both patients and ambulance personnel, whilst maintaining an outstanding loading capactiy of around 700kg. The interior has been developed with emphasis on ergonomics and the ability to give the best possible care during transport, whilst still maintianing high safety. 

4-Wheel Drive and Ground Clearance.

Having the Haldex 4-Wheel Drive system as a standard enables full passability in all weather conditions as well as tough terrains. Thanks to a ground clearance of 225mm, we present an Ambulance that is able to overcome even the hardest of missions. 



The Nilsson XC90 Ambulance has successfully completed a vast number of tests which meeta all regulatory safety standards. The Nilsson XC90 Ambulance complies with all legal requirements, for both the vehicle and all fixations. The car and it’s interior fully comply with the National Board of Health’s provisions according to EN-1789 and EN-1865.