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Firebrigade Enköping Håbo picks up new commandercar

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In beautiful sunshinewe had a visit from Henrik Hammarberg and Martin Sköld from Firebrigade Enköping Håbo. They were here to pick up their new Volvo XC90 Commander. See hte movie above when the Commander car drives away.

Thank you for choosing us as your partner and we hope you will like you new commandercar!

Rettmobil 2017 Exhibition is under way!

Written by Urban Holm on . Posted in News, News - startpage

High tempo for Nilsson at the Rettmobil 2017 Exhibition!

It was great to see so many interested visitors when we, together with Volvo Cars, are exhibiting our vehicles at Rettmobil 2017 uín Fulda, Germany. We are showcasing our XC90 Ambulance, a Volvo XC90 CC Police Car and a Volvo XC90 Commander car. Yesterday, one of our Dutch customers visited us, they have ordered and are waiting for 2 Nilsson XC90 Ambulances to be delivered!

Rettmobil 2017 are open until Friday 12/5th at 17:00pm, come visit us when we’re there!