About Us

Nilsson Special Vehicles is a leading special vehicles company with Europe as its homemarket. Currently we produce and sell limousines, ambulances and hearses. Our customers can be found mainly in Europe where the main markets are Scandinavia and United Kingdom. Nilsson Special Vehicles does also sell to other markets outside of Europe such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

We currently stretch and modify cars from Volvo (S80 and V70). The standard car is purchased directly from Volvo in Sweden.

The company has an effective production-process for special vehicles that are to be stretched and modified to serve in different fields. We have very high demands on quality, as our customers are extremely demanding. We work on assembly stations in the production and we have jigs and fixtures with high precision to guarantee high quality. We also have our own painting facility.

Cars are complex products and we have therefore developed a network of suppliers and other partners to be able to deal with all questions and demands that is put on the car manufacturing industry. Also the functional modification to, for an example ambulance, puts high demands on knowledge and experience. Within Nilsson Special Vehicles we have good knowledge and experience of the complicated electrical systems that is one part of the product that we deliver, and also which type of material is best for respective field of usage, such as composite, carbonfibre and aluminum. A car is a compromise concerning weight and we are continuously working to find lighter solutions.

Our development-model is based upon Reverse Engineering, which means that we first hand-build a model to the requested shape, then we scan the model in the computer and with this data we can make tools for a serial production. This way of working has created curiosity with bigger car manufacturers, as a prototype at Nilsson can be ready after 10 weeks, while the car industry works for 2 years.

At the ambulance side it is important with an optimal loading-capacity and safety in driving the vehicle. Keywords are comfort, service, environmental care and total economy for the customers.

The Limousine market is small but steady. Also for a Limousine the knowledge of functions is of high importance. We can equip our limousines as per customers' wishes, with for example fridge, TV/DVD etc. Two very specific limousines were built for the Dutch Royal family where footrest and wide opening was requested. We build Limousines on Volvo S80 in a 6-doors and 4-doors version (Conference seating). Nilsson built limousines can be found in many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

As our latest addition on the market we have introduced a short limousine. It is a Volvo S80 that is stretched 30 cm.

The hearse market is also stable, and this product is based upon Volvo V70. Different countries have different traditions in this trade and we have an aim to fulfill all requests on interiors from country to country. Again, knowledge about function is key to success in order to meet our customers' requests.

Yngve Nilssons Karosseri was founded in 1945 and was restructured in 2004 to Nilsson Special Vehicles, with new owners. The company is now developing on this history of satisfied customers and focus on new materials, new techniques and an increased focus on global marketing.

Our production facility is located in Laholm, which it always has. We are currently 50 employees and we have a production area of 8,500 m2.