Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Safety and comfort

with more space and higher load capacity

Through our new collaboration with the Finnish special car manufacturer J5L-production Oy, we can now offer this high-quality ambulance built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The sprinter is designed according to SFS-EN 1789 Class C requirements.

A special car with high capacity 
built with the smallest detail in mind

Smart construction

The sprinter has a fiberglass reinforced high ceiling, but integrated working and blue lights. This makes the construction quiet, economical and easy to keep clean.

Ergonomic work environment

The working position in the sickbay is well thought out with properly placed holding bars.  Care equipment that is important for the sake of care is placed as close to the nurse as possible. You can easily reach the patient and care equipment while sitting belted in the sickbay.

The right light & temperature

The easy-to-use J5L CES CAN-BUS electrical system automatically ensures the temperature according to the user's requirements. A strong heating and air conditioning system is sufficient for the demanding Nordic conditions. The interior lighting is mounted so that light is distributed evenly and efficiently throughout the sickbay.

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General specifications & dimensions
External length 6200 mm
External width 2440 mm (mirror to mirror)
External width 2160 mm (mirrors folded)
Height in the sickbay 1830 mm
Length in the sickbay 3150 mm 
Width in the sickbay 1260 mm (between wheel housings)
Width in the sickbay 1810 mm (wall to wall)
Load height 680 mm
wheelbase 3665 mm
Back door opening 1540 mm
Back door height 1550 mm
Sliding door opening width 1300 mm
Sliding door opening height 1655 mm
Drive modes Rear and four-wheel drive
gearbox Manual, Automatic

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