The company has today been informed that OnWheels Mobility AB (Subsidiary of OnWheels Group AB) has reached an agreement with Corespring Invest AB and Granitor Invest AB, that OnWheels Mobility AB acquires 29% of the shares in Nilsson Special Vehicles AB (Nilsson). The transaction also includes the remaining part of the claim on Nilsson.

Following the transaction, OnWheels Mobility owns 29.0% of the shares in NSV, while Granitor Invest AB retains an ownership of 5.5% until further notice. Corespring Invest no longer owns any shares in the company.

Senior executives Fabio Ishaq of OnWheels Mobility AB and Nilsson know each other well from before as OnWheels Mobility AB's sister company (OnWheels i Halmstad AB) has long been a subcontractor to Nilsson in the area of paint and bodywork.

The Corespring and Granitor sphere have been major shareholders in the company for a very long time, and see that the time is ripe to shift their ownership in favor of their focus areas, primarily cleantech. At the same time, Nilsson gets an ownership picture with greater industrial relevance.