Nilsson XC90 Ambulance

A light heavyweight

with the car industry's safest car as a basis.

With the Volvo XC90 as a base car, the foundation for high entry values in terms of safety, environment, ergonomics and function is laid. Thanks to the manufacturer's leading position in both active and passive safety, we can offer a world-class ambulance. This, combined with Nilsson's long-standing knowledge of car construction, results in an ambulance in absolute top class that can be loaded with >700kg and driven on a B licence.

A special car with the right conditions 
built with the highest precision.


The XC90 comes with four-wheel drive as standard, and with a ground clearance of 225mm. An ambulance should be able to handle all climates, road conditions and roads. The car is based on the B6 Petrol, with 300hp/245 kW and 420 Nm of torque.

Approved for the job

Nilsson XC90 Ambulance with integrated composite body based on Volvo XC90. The ambulance is fully approved (WVTA) to meet the requirements for M 1 vehicles and ambulance type B according to EN 1789

The world's safest car

The XC90 is described by The Times as the safest car on our roads and since measurements began in 2004, no human has died in an XC90, which receives the highest safety rating. We think this is the right basic premise for an ambulance.


First step towards a fossil-free ambulance

We are working to be able to recycle as much of the vehicle as possible and meet the requirements of the directive from the EU that 95 percent of its weight should be recyclable (85 percent being pure material recycling). We have taken the first step towards a fossil-free ambulance by partially electrifying the ambulance, a so-called mild hybrid.

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General specifications & dimensions
Turning diameter 14,7m

Nilsson option

We have hundreds of Nilsson options to choose from!

Below you will find a selection, welcome to contact our sales department for more options and info.

  • LED screen in partition "road camera"
  • Keyboard holder
  • Customized storage module
  • Work lighting
  • Yellow warning light
  • Holder infusion heat bag
  • Green healthcare management lighting
  • Screen mounts for, among other things, the  Handhald, Getac, Panasonic, Loci and others.
  • Holders in rail system for rod-mounted equipment
  • 270gr reversing camera system
  • m.m, m.m.
    Volvo options

    For Volvo options, you are welcome to contact our sales department at +46 (0)430-49050 to check that your preferred option is compatible with our ambulance chassis.

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