Nilsson XC90 First Responder Vehicle

A unique Volvo composition

built for your wishes and load requirements

Our very own First Responder vehicle, also known as commander, comes as the XC90 and V90 and consists of a unique composition of Volvo's original components to withstand high load in terms of speed and weight.

The best of Volvo & Nilsson 
in the safest car on the market.


The XC90 First Responder vehicle comes with four-wheel drive as standard, and with a ground clearance of 225mm. An emergency vehicle must withstand all climates, weather conditions and roads. The car is built on the basis of D5 (235hp) or T5 (254hp).

Custom chassis

Nilsson XC90 First Responder vehicle has a specially adapted chassis to withstand greater weight and higher speeds. Its composition of Volvo's original components and our customizations of the cargo compartment make the car unique.

Ergonomics, ease of use & safety

The XC90 is described by The Times as the safest car on our roads and since measurements began in 2004, no human has died in an XC90, which receives the highest safety rating. We think this is the right basic premise for an intervention leader.

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General specifications & dimensions
Turning diameter 12,5m

Nilsson option

We offer a variety of customizations, depending on your needs and wishes.

If you want to know more about selectable options and specifications, contact Urban Holm.

Urban Holm tel. +46 (0)430-49055

Volvo options

For more information about which options fit your Xc90 according to your Nilsson configurations, please contact our sales department at +46 (0)430-49050.

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